Are Livefoods safe to feed for nestlings?

Yes, without doubt, in-fact this is one of the most important times of the year to be offering even more insect protein. Most species of wild bird will consume and feed chicks high quantities of insects during rearing, even if they mostly eat seeds during the rest of the year.

Bird feeding Nestlings

There have been concerns with regard to feeding large mealworms with dry outer shells to nestlings. This may be a risk with pre-dried un-hydrated mealworms, but not with fed, hydrated live insects.

The soft-bodied waxworms and calciworms are both a great source of fat and protein. Both are also a fantastic option for those birds working hard to rear a young family.

Mealworm on table

Live insects have many benefits over dried insects; they offer both usable (bioavailable) nutrition and hydration to birds, are enriching to the mind and inspire natural feeding. Above all, they contain fresh and highly bioavailable nutrients that are not always present in dried insects. They offer all of these things whilst being full of wonderfully wriggly, natural and easy to feed way.