What are Calciworms?

Calciworms are the larval form of the Black soldier fly. They are highly nutritious, easy to keep and feed and contain a Calcium to Phosphorus ratio that is almost perfect. They have a slow metamorphosis rate when kept cool and will remain fresh and wriggling for at least a week. Do not worry if a few start to change into the cocoon stage; these are just as nutritious and just as eagerly taken by the birds.

Calciworms are small grubs that have a soft body and are tapered at one end. They are high in protein and not too high in fats; they can be fed all year long and remain a constant source of usable nutrition for your garden birds.

Calciworms have a slow ‘wiggle’ and remain always on the move, fantastic for getting the attention of the birds. They are ready to eat and safe to feed. Calciworms & waxworms are unable to climb in the same way as mealworms; this makes them much better for those of us that may be a little more squeamish around crawling insects.

Calciworms are a ‘non-native’ species so please do take care to minimise the risk of escapees. However, this is not much of an issue as local birds will scoop up any of the stragglers.