Letterbox Friendly Delivery

We are delighted to be able to supply all of our species of live feeder insect in a brand new and highly innovative live food delivery transport tub and postage sleeve. This new tub offers better protection for insects as they travel and also have better insulation against external temperatures.



But that is not all, our ‘letterbox’ live food delivery tub design and sleeve can fit through 90%+ of all UK letterboxes. This means that you can order ‘fresh from the farm’ Livefoods and not worry about having to be at home to receive the shipment. Yes, we pack these new tubs by hand in our sturdy outer card sleeve and shipped in the mail. Your local postman will then be able to slide the package directly through your letterbox and into your home without even having to knock.


Mix & Match

You can order up to 4 tubs of any mix of worms with Free Delivery here.

Buying in this way saves plastic and has a lower carbon footprint. In addition, it offers you a much more affordable and higher level of choice. You can select up to 4 tubs of live insects per shipment. If you wish to have 2 tubs of mealworms, 1 of waxworms and 1 of earthworms then you can!

We pick and pack all of our insects fresh from our UK based facility each day to ensure optimal freshness. Place your order before 1pm Monday to Thursday for same day despatch; orders on Friday or public holidays will be sent on the following working day.