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Calciworms | 25g tub

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  • Letterbox friendly
  • High in protein and calcium
  • All garden birds, blackbirds/thrushes etc
  • Easy to keep / Long life span
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25g letterbox tub

Length of worm (10mm)

Calciworms could be viewed as being the perfect live feeder insect. They are the soft bodied larval stage of the black soldier fly and offer quite incredible levels of balanced nutrition. They are low in fat but high in amino acids. They are also high in calcium, vital for both egg producing mothers and developing nestlings.

Calciworms are simple to keep and feed and have a very slow metamorphosis when kept cool and dry. They are readily taken by almost all species all year long.

Calciworms do not climb like some species and are easy to feed direct from the tub to table. The perfect partner for our fresh nutrient packed waxworms.

Feed your fresh Calciworms with EarthPro InsectFuel to increase lifespan and maintain usable nutrients.

Nutrition Information

Calcium / Potassium Ratio: Positive

Potassium Content: 3500

Iron Content: 65

Magnesium Content: 1700

Calcium Content: 9000

Protein Content: 17.3%

Fat Content: 14.0%

Moisture: 61%

Latin Name: Hermetia illucens