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InsectFuel | 50g pack

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  • Feed dry or rehydrate with water and feed daily
  • Can also be used to feed many ‘pet’ species of insect
  • All natural and totally non-toxic
  • Long life, in a re-sealable pack
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50g re-sealable pack

Effectively ‘gutloads’ live worms

EarthPro InsectFuel is an all natural dried plant based, bran-free powder that has been designed and made in England to provide feeder insects with all of the goodness that they require to remain fresh and healthy. Insects have a high metabolism and will use nutritional reserves very quickly if left unfed and under-hydrated. InsectFuel can be used with most insect species to prolong life and most importantly, to make sure that your feeders are as full of usable nutrition as can be. This has a huge impact on the overall nutritional quality of insects and will help to ensure that your garden birds are receiving as much useable nutrition as possible, all year long.

Studies have shown that garden birds that are offered fresh live foods, alongside seeds and suet-based foods, are not only healthier, but also have more successful young per year. We can further increase these statistics by ensuring that the insects that we offer our garden birds are bursting with goodness and are well hydrated.

EarthPro InsectFuel can be mixed with a little water and fed to the insects inside of a small dish or ‘milk bottle cap’. Fresh hydrated InsectFuel should be replaced daily. InsectFuel can also be sprinkled into the insects dry. In this way the insects will be able to obtain highly bioavailable nutrition and hydration. You may also sprinkle a little of the ‘chop’ over freshly cut carrot or similar, the water within the fruit or veg will hydrate the powder and provide welcome food and water for the insects.

InsectFuel contains a mix of beneficial plants, B vitamins, amino acids, minerals and bee pollen. It is also free of bulking agents such as bran. Bran is a source of phytic acid, a calcium inhibitor and chelator. Make sure that your live insects are fed and as nutritious as possible.

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