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Waxworms | 15g tub

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  • Letterbox friendly
  • High in protein and calcium
  • All garden birds, blackbirds/thrushes etc
  • Easy to keep / Long life span
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15g letterbox tub

Length of worm (15-20mm) 

Waxworms are fantastic! A chubby wriggling moth grub that have a very soft and safe body. These are a ‘powerhouse’ food packed full of useful fats and protein. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and contain a useful source of hydration.

Waxworms, the larval stage of the wax moth can be especially useful over the nesting and moulting seasons. Packed full of accessible nutrition your wild or pet birds will thank you for adding a few to your regular offering.

Waxworms can be offered within variety feeding all year and their numbers increased whilst birds are nesting. Keep in a cool dry place and feed direct from the pot.

Nutrition Information

Calcium / Potassium Ratio: Negative

Potassium Content: 1900

Iron Content: 20

Magnesium Content: 500

Calcium Content: 240

Protein Content: 15.5%

Fat Content: 20.5%

Moisture: 61%

Latin Name: Galleria mellonella