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Earthworms | tub of 15

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  • Letterbox friendly
  • High in protein and calcium
  • All garden birds, blackbirds/thrushes etc
  • Easy to keep / Long life span
  • Each tub contains 15 fresh worms
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Quantity Limit: 4
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Average 15 worms per letterbox tub

Length of worm (50-75mm)

What can be more natural than feeding long, fat earthworms to wild birds. They are very simple to look after, will live for very long periods when kept in the tub in the cool, and can be fed kitchen scraps.

Earthworms have high levels of usable protein and are naturally high in Calcium. Earthworms also have a very high water content, making the perfect choice of feeder all year long.

Help your local blackbirds and thrushes throughout the year with a regular supply of Farm fresh UK earthworms. They may even help you to attract those rarely seen seasonal visitors.

Add a tub or two of fresh earthworms to your letterbox shipment today and see the difference in your garden birds fast.

Nutrition Information

Calcium / Potassium Ratio: Negative

Potassium Content: 1600

Iron Content: 50

Magnesium Content: 130

Calcium Content: 440

Protein Content: 10.5%

Fat Content: 1.6%

Moisture: 84%

Latin Name: Dendrobena