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Mealworms | 4 x 60g tub

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  • Letterbox friendly
  • High in protein and calcium
  • All garden birds, blackbirds/thrushes etc
  • Easy to keep / Long life span
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60g letterbox tub

Length of worm (18-26mm)

Mealworms have been used for feeding both pet and wild birds for decades. They are easy to keep and feed and are bursting with important proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. They are also a fantastic source of natural and very welcome hydration.

Unlike mass produced dried mealworms, ours are sent freshly packed and wriggling direct from our facility and onto your doormat in our innovative ‘Letter box’ postal tubs. Being live removes many of the risks of feeding dried worms and allows you to feed your birds direct from the tub without having to rehydrate long died commercial insects.

A fantastic choice of regular feeder for larger and adult species of wild and pet bird. As always, variety is key, so why not mix in a couple of other insect species into your letterbox delivery of fresh from the farm live mealworms.

Add EarthPro-InsectFuel to help keep your mealworms fresh and full of usable nutrition.

Nutrition Information

Calcium / Potassium Ratio: Negative

Potassium Content: 2800

Iron Content: 20

Magnesium Content: 800

Calcium Content: 170

Protein Content: 18.9%

Fat Content: 8.5%

Moisture: 68%

Latin Name: Tenebrio molitor