How to take part in the Annual Big Garden Birdwatch by the RSPB

If you are already feeding live food to Wild Garden Birds in your garden, you may also want to consider partaking in an annual Event run by the Royal Society for the Protetction of Birds (RSPB) in the United Kingdom. The Big Garden Birdwatch usually runs at the beginning of each year but please do visit the RSPB website to confirm this years dates.

The annual Big Garden Birdwatch is a powerful tool for gathering information on bird populations, promoting environmental awareness, and influencing conservation efforts. The collective efforts of participants contribute to a broader understanding of the challenges facing bird species and ecosystems, ultimately supporting initiatives to protect and conserve biodiversity.

House Sparrow on a Wall

Here are some steps you can do to participate:

  1. Register: Visit the RSPB website or the official Big Garden Birdwatch website to register for the event. Registration is usually free.

  2. Pick a Time: Choose a suitable time to conduct your birdwatch. The event typically takes place over a specific weekend, and you're encouraged to spend one hour counting the birds in your garden or local green space.

  3. Prepare: Get everything you need ready, such as a comfortable chair, a notebook or the RSPB's online counting tool, and some bird identification resources. Binoculars can also be helpful.

  4. Observation: Spend one hour observing the birds in your chosen location. Note the highest number of each bird species you see at any one time, rather than counting individual birds.

  5. Submit Results: After your hour of observation, submit your results to the RSPB. This can often be done online, and your data helps contribute to the understanding of bird populations.

  6. Learn and Share: Take the opportunity to learn more about the birds you've observed and share your experience with others. The RSPB often provides educational materials and resources.

Remember, the Big Garden Birdwatch is not only a fun activity but also contributes valuable data that helps researchers understand bird populations and how they are changing over time. It's a great way to connect with nature and contribute to conservation efforts.

If you are interested in seeing last years results for the Big Garden Birdwatch click here.