When to feed Livefoods to garden birds

The answer to this question is profoundly ‘all year long’. However, some species of garden bird will utilise a much higher degree of insect matter just before, during and just after the breeding and moulting seasons. Feeding birds insects provides high levels of usable nutrition, but they are also high in water, thus increasing hydration naturally.

Sparrow perched onto a bowl

As we know, wild birds require food throughout the year, as such a welcome provision of live insects can go a long way to help them to maintain their health and productivity.

The sad fact is, that the odds are stacked against our feathered friends with pollution, habitat loss and even modern gardening methods all being quite detrimental to their ongoing ability to survive and reproduce. Highly decorative lawns, lack of available open soil and pesticides all equate to a lack of easy to find wild insect life. We can help boost wild birds insect protein levels back up by providing a welcome and varied assortment of live feeder insects on our tables throughout the year.

Variety is key when it comes to feeding birds

We offer a range of easy to keep and easy to feed live insects that can be fed on rotation in order to provide a high-quality diet for your garden birds.


Feeding Birds Highly Nutritious Waworms and Calciworms

As example, our plump Waxworms and highly nutritious Calciworms are the perfect option during the breeding season when birds have hungry chicks close by. Both of these species have soft bodies and are packed with goodness. Calciworms are high in protein, usable fats and are very high in calcium, perfect for chicks to be able to grow strong bones and for Mother birds to produce healthy eggs.


You can also now buy tubs of fresh British farmed Earthworms from us that can be a real boon for regularly visiting species such Blackbirds and Thrushes, especially in times of very dry weather when worms are hard to find. Yes, as summer progresses it can become difficult for these birds to access the number of worms that they require.

Earthworms in Letterbox Tub

Like most live feeders Earthworms are also a welcome source of hydration for wild birds. You can include live, fresh and clean earthworms on feeding tables to make up for any shortfall in food and water. They are also perfectly safe to add to your compost heap or wormery also if you so wish.