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How to care for your live worms

Keeping Livefoods Alive and full of nutrition

Worm care is very important; keep them in a cool dry place and provide them with access to a hydrated food source. This will not only prolong life but it will also ensure that your feeders are as fresh and nutrient packed as can be at every garden feed. Insects will expire quickly if overheated or allowed to become too cold.

Feeding dishes

They should also be fed to birds in a dish that has high enough sides to stop them escaping, but that also has small holes in the base to stop the dish filling with water and the insects drowning.

The importance of clean pots

Birds can be quite susceptible to infections caused by dirty food and water dishes. Just as you would keep your seed and feed dishes, tubes or hoppers clean throughout the year you should also wash and dry your live insect feeding dishes regularly. This will help to reduce bacterial load, keeping birds and live insects safe.

Insectafuel being used to provide nutrition to worms


InsectFuel – EarthPro Supplement

Maintaining high levels of insect nutrition is thankfully very simple with EarthPro-InsectFuel.

Add a little in to your livefood tub dry and mix some with water for all-natural nutrition and hydration. If it is easier, you can even sprinkle a little over chopped carrot or other ‘wet’ fresh fruit or veg and place this in your tub.